Madeline Sugerman - IMG_9150.jpg

Madeline Sugerman

Award Winning Contemporary Southwest Florida Artist in Olde Naples.

Artist’s Statement

I describe my work as a juxtaposition of color, movement and pattern creating a composition that is vibrant and thought provoking.

It is my belief that a true work of art is not merely a visual statement but should stimulate our senses, quicken our emotions, and allow the beholder to grasp the hidden beauty that lies within our midst. My mission as an artist is not to recreate nature, but rather to enhance the perception and magnificence of our realm. And to that end, I employ a variety of mediums to capture the essence of the subject matter.

My work endeavors to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality and to portray that window which connects mankind to our environment and indeed to our universe. My paintings portray not what I see but what I dream to be real. In the words of the eminent artist Vincent Van Gogh "I dream my painting and paint my dream" In that, I find my greatest fulfillment.