Reception and demonstration at the opening of SWFL WAX Show at The United Arts Council

Last night was the opening reception for the SWFL WAX Show at The United Arts Council in Naples, Florida. We were thrilled to have such a large turn out, especially during the usually slower summer months. A wonderful table of yummy snacks were offered along with wine. All the attendees seemed to have an enjoyable time socializing while viewing the hot and cold wax art by 9 talented artists. At 6 p.m. I presented a demonstration of “wet on wet” cold wax, also know as “alla prima”. This technique is done on paper and the art is worked while the oil and wax combination is wet. This technique is different from working with oil and cold wax on a board with many layers of mixture and requiring drying time between the layers. The photo above is the finished art that I completed in about 45 minutes. There were many questions from the audience and a great interest was shown in the process of cold wax.

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Madeline Sugerman