PATTERNS OF VARIANCE accepted to the Global Warming Is Real 2ND Annual National Juried Exhibition

I am pleased and honored to announce that "PATTERNS OF VARIANCE", a Cold Wax, Oil and Cement on cradled panel artwork by Madeline Sugerman has been accepted to the Global Warming is Real 2nd Annual National Juried Exhibition. The National Juried Exhibition will open to the public from July 14 - September 2, 2018 at the Museum of Encaustic Art  in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Juror, Augustine Romero is the Gallery Curator for the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This contemporary encaustic work of art represents how our planet is affected by global warming.

GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL is something that has been on the top of our minds for quite some time. As scientific reports and photos document the changes in our earth's atmosphere, we become sensitized to how global warming impacts us now and in the future. ...the encaustic art institute.

artist statement of "Patterns of Variance"

The notion that a work of art was motivated by monumental true events gave rise to the oft quoted expression "art imitates life".

The cataclysmic change in our climate provided the inspiration for this abstraction of a melting glacier breaking apart and plunging into the ocean.

The reverberations of this phenomenon can be seen in rising sea levels, loss of aquatic species and coral reefs and devastation of coastal habitats worldwide.

As artists, our canvases should be a window into this environmental maelstrom and a fulcrum for combating the greenhouse effect on our earth.